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December 05, 2007


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Pascal Venier

... This spoof is so hilarious! ;-)

Craig Huggart


Thanks for reading.

Glad you enjoyed the post.


Stefan Waidele

So, you are comparing the "market-leader in proprietary Software" with "other proprietary software" instead of the "leader in FOSS"...

And after comparing a couple of applications, you proclaim "the better operating system".

Did I miss the "sarcasm-flag" on this post somehow? (I am not a regular reader, so maybe I don't get your humor :)

Craig Huggart

Hi Stefan:

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.

No, I really was serious. At least in the business world, I believe that Windows is the best choice because they have the largest market share.

I'm not saying Windows is technically the best. But I think it's a good operating system with dominate market share and that that combination makes it the best choice.



Oh, I get it! A Ford Escort is better than a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow because there are more of them and it is easier to get parts.

Oh, I get it! A Ford Escort is better than a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow because there are more of them and it is easier to get parts.

Jake W

This made me laugh! Popularity does not make something better! Leopard is, in my opinion, the best operating system available.

Using a Mac does not limit what I can do with a computer. If I need a program, there is probably an open-source program I can download. If something breaks, which it won't (it's a Mac!), then I can take it to an Apple Store.

If you use Linux, then there is a large community of people who can fix the problem, rather than just one company. Linux is created by the people who use it and therefore there are more people available to fix a bug within a Linux distribution than there are available to fix a bug in Windows.


"Windows is better because more people use it" is a Logical Fallacy Ad Populum (Appeal to the popular). What is a logical fallacy? It is a line of reasoning that is ALWAYS WRONG!

McDonald's burgers are not better than Boston Blackie's just because more people eat them. Nor is being a fat slob better than being a champion athlete because more people are that way.


"Vista is the best because more people use it" Hahaha! This is funny.


ummm.. i do agree that when you are using windows, you have more software available;
but personally i want an OS that use my hardware efficiently, run programs fast, boot fast and so on. i don't care if i can't install 3D Studio MAX an a Mac, because i don't need it!

BTW, i'm a PC user for a long time... but i'm sick of Windows after all :D

Forest Marie

Nice read.


The paraphernalia is fast changing. The end user seem to have shifted focus from unnecessary graphic effects to usability and simplicity.

The Apple OS may be installed vertually over any Intel based machine. Though there are still problem of drivers for certain devices. But I think it's still worth giving a try instead of debating what's better or what's not.

A single thing's not made for everyone, it's just the matter of which technology works the way you expect it to.

Justin Case

You are wrong. If more people drive Hugos than BMWs that doesn't mean Hugos are better cars. This kind of logic is crap logic, and its just 1 more razer thin argument to use the inferior operating system know as Windows.

Geez dude, if all your son's friends smoke pot, then is smoking pot a good thing?

Right now I am on a Debian system. You can use it just like any Windows system. Its conpletely intuitive, you don't even have to touch the command line if you don't want to. You can add Word viewers, you can even install Microsoft Word if you are just so hung up to have Microsoft products.

Using Windows in business costs more money, and is inefficient. Lockups, freezes, system slowdowns, and viruses cost businesses money in wasted time and resources. At my old company, they would boot the Windows machines in the morning, then go take a 10 min break. When they got back, it still hadn't finished booting. Every morning they went through this. The boss insisted they shut the systems down at night to save money.

More people use Windows because Microsoft started the desktop revolution. Its what almost every home user learned on. They keep using it because they are either too lazy to learn something new, or they are afraid of the unknown. They don't need to be. Mac and the new releases of Linux have never been easier to use for the beginner.

The only thing your argument says, is that more people use Windows.

Windows is crap. ESPECIALLY Vista.


M$ made a lucky bet in the '80's when they assumed that hardware would get cheaper, the thing where Apple didn't bet on.

Everybody who has to manage office pc's hope that there bosses never tell them to switch to vista, why?? It isn't only unstable, it's unbelievable unhandy to handle (on user and manager side)

I work in a school where we use xp, vista and Ubuntu Linux. I can tell you: LONG LIVE LINUX!!!!!
If you would like me to write a book why, it wouldn't be a problem!!!

- Why people use m$: it's very easy to 'work' with a illegal copy from the neighbors!!
- In Belgium you can't buy a laptop without a windows licence, why?? I don't know, I don't use m$
- How many sales people are there who tell they're costumers they can use a free os instead of the wonderful vista?? Right, 'everybody' uses m$...

Werther m$ likes it or not: Linux is growing; the numbers are there, even if you're a member of the rotary club: price does mater or haven't you seen the it budget lately??

d. Horne

I switched form Winblows to Linux this year and I've not regretted it once.


This is the funniest posting i have ever read. Vista is the most premature product of Mr Gates, so that he releases Win-7 then.. LOL

Nike Vandal

Our destiny offers not the cup of despair , but the chalice of opportunity .

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